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April 2019
Monday 22 Apr Running Påsksmällen Stockholm
Tuesday 23 Apr Running Middagsloppet Lillsjön Stockholm
Wednesday 24 Apr Running Lunchloppet Kista Stockholm
Saturday 27 Apr Cycling Brevet - Täby 40 mil Stockholm
Saturday 27 Apr Running TEC100 Stockholm
Sunday 28 Apr Running Lilla Barnets Lopp Stockholm
May 2019
Wednesday 01 May Running Rotebroloppet Stockholm
Saturday 04 May Cycling Brevet - Barkarby 30 mil Stockholm
Saturday 04 May Running - Trail STHLM Trail Run Stockholm
Wednesday 08 May Running Lunchloppet Solna Stockholm
Saturday 11 May Assault Course Tough Viking (8km, Stadion) Stockholm
Saturday 11 May Running KfS Kungsholmen Runt Stockholm
Sunday 12 May Cycling - Country road Roslagsvåren Stockholm
Wednesday 15 May Running Lunchloppet Djurgården Stockholm
Wednesday 22 May Running Lunchloppet Kista Stockholm
Tuesday 28 May Running Middagsloppet Lillsjön Stockholm
Tuesday 28 May Running - Course Vårruset Stockholm Dag 2 Stockholm
Friday 31 May Running ASICS Stockholm High Five Stockholm
Friday 31 May Cycling Brevet - Barkarby 40 mil Stockholm
June 2019
Saturday 01 Jun Running ASICS Stockholm Marathon Stockholm
Saturday 08 Jun Cycling Brevet - Täby 60 mil Stockholm
Tuesday 11 Jun Running - Course Blodomloppet Stockholm Dag 1 av 2 Stockholm
Wednesday 12 Jun Running Lunchloppet Solna Stockholm
Thursday 13 Jun Running STHLM 10 Stockholm
Saturday 15 Jun Assault Course Toughest Stockholm Stockholm
Saturday 15 Jun Running EcoTrail Stockholm Stockholm
Tuesday 18 Jun Running - Trail Amazing Trail (med OK Ravinen & Add Nature) Stockholm
Wednesday 19 Jun Running Lunchloppet Djurgården Stockholm
Tuesday 25 Jun Running Middagsloppet Lillsjön Stockholm
Wednesday 26 Jun Running Lunchloppet Kista Stockholm
Wednesday 26 Jun Cycling Brevet - Barkarby 60 mil Stockholm
August 2019
Sunday 11 Aug Running - Trail STHLM Urban Trail Stockholm
Saturday 17 Aug Cycling Brevet - Barkarby 30 mil (höst) Stockholm
Saturday 17 Aug Running Midnattsloppet Stockholm
Saturday 24 Aug Assault Course Tough Viking (15km, Djurgården) Stockholm
Saturday 24 Aug Running - Trail Stockholm Trail Stockholm
Sunday 25 Aug Triathlon Stockholm Triathlon Olympisk Stockholm
Saturday 31 Aug Running Tjejmilen Stockholm
September 2019
Saturday 07 Sep Running Stockholm Halvmarathon Stockholm
Saturday 07 Sep Running RAMBOLL Stockholm halvmarathon Stockholm
Saturday 07 Sep Cycling Brevet - Täby 30 mil (höst) Stockholm
Saturday 14 Sep Running - Slopes Flatenloppet Stockholm
Saturday 28 Sep Running Lidingöloppet 30 Stockholm
Saturday 28 Sep Running TCS Lidingöloppet 15 Stockholm
October 2019
Saturday 12 Oct Running - Terrain Sörmland Ultra Marathon Stockholm
Sunday 13 Oct Running Hässelbyloppet Stockholm
Saturday 19 Oct Running STHLM X Stockholm
Saturday 26 Oct Cycling Brevet - Barkarby 20 mil (höst) Stockholm