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October 2019
Sunday 13 Oct Running Hässelbyloppet Stockholm
Sunday 13 Oct Running Bank of America Chicago Marathon USA
Sunday 13 Oct Running Palma de Mallorca - hel-, halvmarathon och 10k Spain
Saturday 19 Oct Running STHLM X Stockholm
Saturday 19 Oct Running Växjö Marathon Småland
Saturday 19 Oct Multisport - Competition Raid Uppsala Uppland
Saturday 19 Oct Running - Trail John Bauer Trail Run Småland
Saturday 19 Oct Running Helsingborgs Terränglopp Skåne
Saturday 19 Oct Running Skrylle Challenge Skåne
Saturday 19 Oct Running Varberg Halvmarathon Halland
Sunday 20 Oct Running Lissabon marathon Portugal
Sunday 20 Oct Biking - Mountainbike MTB Adventure Stockholm
Sunday 20 Oct Running TCS Amsterdam Marathon Netherlands
Sunday 20 Oct Running Höstmilen Östergötland
Sunday 20 Oct Running - Trail Kilterrängen Värmland
Saturday 26 Oct Running - Obstacles Run For Your Lives Örebro City Närke
Saturday 26 Oct Cycling Brevet - Barkarby 20 mil (höst) Stockholm
Saturday 26 Oct Running - Trail Valbo Night Trail Race Gästrikland
Sunday 27 Oct Running Frankfurt Marathon Germany
Sunday 27 Oct Running Marine Corps Marathon USA
November 2019
Saturday 02 Nov Running - Terrain Jätten Bule-löpet Östergötland
Saturday 02 Nov Running Kullamannen Trail Skåne
Sunday 03 Nov Running New York marathon New York
Saturday 09 Nov Running Borås 6-timmars Västergötland
Saturday 09 Nov Running Sätila Trail Västergötland
Saturday 09 Nov Running - Trail Kolmården Night Trail Östergötland
Sunday 10 Nov Running Athen Marathon Greece
Saturday 16 Nov Running Lund Runt Skåne
Sunday 24 Nov Running - Trail Kristianstad Trail Skåne
Sunday 24 Nov Triathlon Ironman Arizona USA
December 2019
Sunday 01 Dec Running Hammarby Alpin Marathon Stockholm
January 2020
Saturday 25 Jan Running GORE-TEX Winterrun Stockholm Stockholm
Sunday 26 Jan Running Marrakech Marathon [ Unknown ]
Sunday 26 Jan Skiing - Cross country - Classic Marcialonga Italy
February 2020
Saturday 01 Feb Running - Trail Bocksten TrailRun Winter Halland
Saturday 22 Feb Skiing - Cross country - Classic Kortvasan 30 km Dalarna
Monday 24 Feb Skiing - Cross country - Classic Öppet Spår Måndag Dalarna
March 2020
Sunday 01 Mar Skiing - Cross country - Classic Vasaloppet Dalarna
April 2020
Sunday 05 Apr Running Paris Marathon France
Sunday 19 Apr Running Hamburg Marathon Germany
Sunday 19 Apr Running - Marathon speed Helsinki Spring Marathon Finland
Sunday 26 Apr Running London Marathon United Kingdom
May 2020
Saturday 09 May Running - Terrain Sweden IronTrail Marathon Värmland
Saturday 09 May Running Springtime Skåne
Saturday 09 May Running KfS Kungsholmen Runt Stockholm
Saturday 16 May Running Göteborgsvarvet Göteborg
Saturday 16 May Running Göteborgsvarvet 2020 Sverige
Sunday 24 May Running Liverpool Rock' n Roll Marathon United Kingdom
Saturday 30 May Running Asics Stockholm Marathon Stockholm
June 2020
Saturday 13 Jun Swimming - Open water Karl-Oskarsimmet Småland
Saturday 27 Jun Running - Trail Bocksten TrailRun 5, 12, 23 och 46 km Halland
Saturday 27 Jun Triathlon IRONMAN 70.3 FINLAND Finland
Sunday 28 Jun Triathlon Ironman Frankfurt EM Germany
Sunday 28 Jun Swimming - Open water Vansbro 10K Dalarna
July 2020
Friday 03 Jul Swimming - Open water Vansbro Halvsim Dalarna
Saturday 04 Jul Swimming - Open water Vansbrosimningen Dalarna
Sunday 05 Jul Swimming - Open water Vansbro Kortsim Dalarna
Thursday 09 Jul Triathlon Laponia Triathlon Sprint Lappland
Saturday 11 Jul Triathlon Laponia Triathlon 67°N Lappland
August 2020
Saturday 08 Aug Swimming - Open water Vidösternsimmet 21+ km Småland
Saturday 15 Aug Triathlon Ironman Kalmar Sweden Småland
Saturday 22 Aug Running - Trail Idre Fjällmaraton Dalarna
Saturday 29 Aug Running - Terrain Dundret Extreme Running (DXR) Lappland
September 2020
Saturday 26 Sep Running Lidingöloppet Stockholm
September 2021
Sunday 19 Sep Running GöteborgsVarvet Marathon Göteborg
March 2022
Sunday 06 Mar Skiing - Cross country - Classic Vasaloppet Dalarna
October 2022
Tuesday 11 Oct Orienteering - Long distance Hardhausen Norway