Reach your fitness goals.

FunBeat is Sweden's premier training site for those who want to succeed with your training , whatever form of exercise you enjoy. Join 1 minute.
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Keep track of your training and be inspired by your buddies

On FunBeat you can save and track all your training and, if you like, share your training calendar to your training buddies. Discuss your workout directly in the feed, or reach a wider group in our forums.

Use sports watch, the site or the app

You can log your workouts through a sports watch, on the site, or with your smartphone. Since FunBeat is an independent service, you do not need to change the service just because you change the watch (we support Garmin , Suunto and Polar). Our app available for iPhone and Android. With the app you can see how your mates are training, store current body weight, log workouts manually (eg weight training at the gym ), etc.


We help you reach your goals

FunBeat has powerful tools for goal setting, monitoring and fitness reports. Set goals and get feedback on the progress of the training. Provides standard reports as well as the opportunity for customized reports.

Activate your company

Challenge your company and while relating your brand to an active lifestyle. With our unique business challenges everyone can be active on their own terms. You will certainly have a lot to talk about at coffee breaks.

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