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Find FunBeat friends in Australia

A FunBeat member from Holland, Stephan Giepmans, now living in Australia, has started a group called "FunBeat Australia" and wants to get more members to stay in touch with.

He presents himself to me with these words:

"I am from Holland, moved to Sweden in 2007 and started training for Lidingoloppet when my Swedish friend introduced me to Funbeat. After finishing Lidingoloppet in Septemebr 2008 I used funbeat for my trainings for Vasalopet, which I did in 2009. Last year July I moved to Australia and with funbeat I can keep my friends in Sweden informed about my trainings on the beach Smiley . Target in Australia is to run the Sydney half marathon. "

So if you live in Australia, would like to live there or have friends there, don't hesitate to join the following group:

And don't forget to say hi to the other members in the group!

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2010-01-22 09:03
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