Shiva Tattva Yoga School

200 Hour Yoga TTC

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Schooling at Shiva Tattva Yoga exercise designs the course bearing in mind the broader view of yoga, including philosophy, deep breathing, anatomy, kriya and fine art of teaching. Our main focus is to drink, slurp yoga in your daily life. During the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Teaching, we help you become a confident yoga educator. Through this course we support individuality, guiding you to give a personal touch to the category during training. Our two hundred Hour Yoga Teacher Schooling is very flexible, we don't force any blind ideas or beliefs to our students. With this yoga teacher documentation, you can be registered to yoga alliance, which will provide you with the possibility to work all around the world. We all also support the students who studied our hatha yoga teacher training to assist in courses if they prefer to practice more.

At the end of the Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course, teachers do assessment to certify the students on the basis of their performances. The students efficiently complete the 200 several hours Yoga teacher course when they fulfill the requirement to be a confident 3rd party Yoga teacher. We have some reflection classes for one whole month, where each student share what they have learnt and give an hour long yoga asana class. Yoga exercises teacher training recognition makes them permitted try everywhere in the world. Learners after obtaining the records can also assist in the next yoga instructor training program at Shiva Tattva Yoga as we welcome all with available arms. Device certificate, we successfully gift idea another yoga exercise trainer to the world.

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