Dr Shane Lawrence

Late start to cross country season is at Keysoe Bedfordshire UK Saturday 16th November 2019.

Due to some logistics difficulties the intended cross country races at Amphill Bedfordshire 10km and

Houghton Hall Norfolk 8km were not run.However the following races will represent the beginning of

the cross country season.Firstly  the Eastern Counties Championships at Keysoe Bedfordshire on Saturday

 16th November of 12km of three laps of four km with a water splash on each lap.This should prove a stern

test of the right ankle and tendon which has been receiving treatment since the Regensdorf event but which

has enabled training in the intervening period,especially due to the extreme rain which will mean waterlogged conditions.

After the Eastern Counties Championships at Keysoe Bedfordshire on November 16th the next race is

intended to be the Essex Championships at Writtle Essex on Saturday 30th November of 8km of one and half laps.

Hopefully by that time the waterlogged conditions due to the heavy rain will have eased.

Following that the Essex League race again at Writtle and again of 8km should be an indication that fitness has been

achieved by the middle of the month of December.

Dr Shane Lawrence

Cambridge UK

13th November 2019.

2019-11-13 15:25.

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