Dr Shane Lawrence

Leffrincoucke France International XC 18th November 2018 representing Sweden v Kenya Ethiopia France

The international cross country race at Leffrincoucke Dunkirk France this Sunday 18th November

 otherwise known as the Cross de l'acier should be a very good race if the weather is dry. The course of 9.5km is of

one laps without the dune climb section and three laps with the climb section,meaning each lap is appox 2.3km.

Representing Sweden there should be some good opposition from Africa,Kenya Burundi and Ethiopia and from Europe

France Belgium and Holland. If there is not too much rain pre race and the flat section is not waterlogged then the start

should be good with an acceleration phase at 1km encompassing the beginning of the dune rise. The down part of the

dune rise should be negotiated with care and then the same accn phase after the larger field section should

be undertaken on each of the four laps.Hopefully much ubf can be avoided on the fourth lap and a time of sub 50:00

accomplished possibly.

Dr Shane Lawrence    Representing Sweden

Cambridge UK   12th November 2018.

2018-11-12 12:59.

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