Dr Shane Lawrence

Summary of summer season both road and track 2018.

The summer season from May through September of 2018 was a varied period that showed a continuation of basic fitness and from and particular distances and some areas on which to work.

The beginning with the Espoo Half Marathon in Espoo Helsinki Finland representing Sweden was good on a reasonable three lap course which produced a time almost identical to the previous

personal best. This indicated that the longer interval work done preceeding it was good.

Then the track season of the Reiff Memorial 1500m in Belgium and the Eastern Counties Pboro 3000m indicated very good form but a slight lack of speed and a slight weakness in the driving phase/channelled aggression aspect

and the Sandy 5000m was similar.

However these times were close to previous performances and indicated perhaps a lack of refining of  tactics rather than fitness.

The Snailbeach Trail  8.5km and the Notts 10M16km were in the extreme heat of the summer and the fact that they were well coped with showed good strength but the effects of the extreme heat were noticeable.

This combination of track and road was in possible consideration of a marathon attempt in the autumn period although this was discounted in view of the effect of the extreme heat of the summer.

Dr Shane Lawrence.Cambridge UK.18th October 2018.

2018-10-18 14:10.

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