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The Espoo Helsinki Half Marathon competition on Friday 4th May at 7pm.

With the the successful cross country season with an average pkm achieved of 4:52 and several high quality races including the ING Diekirche Luxembourg International Cross country 10.3km representing Sweden; the first and possibly only road race of this transition period is the Espoo Helsinki Half Marathon on Friday 4th May in Espoo Helsinki Finland where the course is three laps of 7km mainly on concrete paths with a faster first part and a slower second part,which the training for means a possible achievement of ~ 1:40 ~ 100m averaging < 4:50pkm for the 21km.

The evening at 7pm was dry with some slight wind.The start was good with the first 4km into rxpsap and then main pace.The first two laps of 7km were at 34m and 38m then in the second half of the final 7km lap was a lapse of concentration and some stride and cadence which meant that the final 7km lap was 41m and the finish time was 1:53.47 of an average of 37m per 7km lap.This was outside the goal of 1:40 and 1:50 but only 0.9% down on the previous half marathon of Stein am Rhein in November 2015 that is 30 months previously which represents a decrease of only 0.03% permonth.The pace of 5:23 pkm was then reasonable in view of a partial stomach bug on the two days previously.

Dr Shane Lawrence Cambridge UK on 15th May 2018.             

2018-04-17 15:40.

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Sounds boring with a 7 km lap. What does pkm stand for?