Dr Shane Lawrence

Cross country season from October through to December 2016

The cross country season from October through to December 2016 has been quite successful with good performances based on the thorough and varied training of the three months and the altitude training at Gstaad and Reppaz in Switzerland in the summer.

The three races, firstly  at Ampthill Bedfordshire UK 10km on 16th October 2016 was in torrential rain that actually broke for the race.With a field of 140 the 3 laps of 3.3km were hilly but climbed well in view or summer but lack of overtaking meant 52:48 for 78th of 140 av 5:17pkm.

Secondly at Writtle Essex UK, the Essex Vets Championships on 26th November 2016 was on a dry day cold but sunny with a varied course of field mostly wuth one very slippy part initially.Good start but then lacked consolidation 2 x accn phases were quite good good stride cadence breathing was slightly lacking. 41:03 for 66% df.

Thirdly the Norfolk Championships at Thetford Norfolk UK, were on a cold but dry day.With a filed of 86 it was of one medium lap then four large laps of approx. 2km each.the start wasfast then with better consolidation on the medium lap then 2 x accn phases each lap totalling 8 with 42% effectiveness.This was a good performance with good cadence breathing and driving phases but slight stride lacking.The work needed is in the initiation of the accn phases therefore sustained speed.The time was 51:21 for 10.8km av 4:46pkm.This shows that a certain degree of success is achieved at peaking in the winter season.It is hope that this can be transformed into better for the 60th Campaccio International Cross Country at Campaccio su Legnano Milan Italy on 6th January2017.

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