Dr Shane Lawrence

Training and three races in October and November 2015

The training after the late August break has been designed to provide adequate strength and good efficiency for the races of the precompetitive phases 1 and 2 and the competitive phase 1.This was accomplished by means of good resistance work on varied terrain and increased and maintained concentration in all sessions of training.This seemed to be worthwhile in the first competitive race the Marriotts Way 10km in Norfolk in October and the increasing speed in the second half was good.The second race was the Glarner Stadtlauf in Switzerland which was faster showing that a faster but relaxed pace could be maintained with no fatigue either upper or lower body.The third event,the Staaner Stadtlauf 21.1km was more an endurance trail with a head cold and very windy conditions and there was alack of ability to accelerate or even vary pace so this was viewed as an endurance race.So far the training has met the requirements well.

2015-12-08 16:21.

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