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MH Coaching Mountly Challange (

The contest in which you challenge yourself and also been given the opportunity to compete for first place with participants from all over the world. The contest meaning is as quickly as possible on foot carrying a given distance of 5 or 10K.

Professionals, ordinary athletes, young or old all are welcome to participate. You perform the competition indoors or outdoors in the terrain that best suits for you and your season goals. It is entirely up to you.

The race may be considered unfair when some runs on a smooth surface and the other goes in the forest, but this is up to you. Your task is to get from point A to point B in the quickest possible time.

The purpose of MH Coachings Monthly Challenge is to give you a challenge each month where you can evaluate your training effect. To perform in this way is to train smart. The race has a fixed date, goal are specific, measurable and realistic. It increases your opportunities for success. Reporting of results is important because it will give you that little extra strength needed to perform at its peak.

You present your results in a comment or send an email to you write down the dates of completion, distance and time. The results will be reported after completion on MH Coachings website and on Facebook.

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